Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Music and Stuff

Small changes are hard to see sometimes. Maybe there's just one or two, or maybe it's a few here or there. But next thing you know, BOOM they're everywhere!

I recently realized one of these--in my taste of music. Not that it's changed, but that it expanded.I've been exposed to more types of music this year, including country and "old" music (Billy Joel). This, in addition to the discovery of new bands through my sisters, I've created quite a strange looking playlist.

So now, my normal Red Hot Chili Peppers and other arguably alternative music is meddled with Joel, Ed Sheeran, Bobby Darin, John Frusciante, Sinatra, Hunter Hayes, and a few other names that just make it all the weirder.

But this is just one example of change. There's been so much more since the start of the school year. The list could go on, but overall, it seems that my music is the best example. Why?

Well, it shows more than music. It shows I have matured, keeping an open mind. I have expanded my horizons and tried new things. Over time, I've picked up new ideas and habits. Little tiny changes have compiled, and now, I can see them clearly.

Change happens.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Of Bennies and Blenders

So spring has sprung, and summer's right around the corner. And coming up is Memorial Day. This means barbeques, parties, trips, and family, right? But down by the beach, it means another thing too-- the Attack of the Tourists.

Every Memorial Day weekend, people from all around go to the beach. Some years, it's nice and warm, but others it's been rainy or cold. But the tourists are there no matter what. Memorial day is kind of the signal to a new season, the start of the beach days. My family usually goes to the beach  and every year we are hassled by huge groups of people with grills, tents, numerous umbrellas, even flags to mark their "territory." Once, we even saw a family with a blender. Still confused on that one...

Anyway, these tourists, or bennies (to the locals), always bring traffic, noise, and wayyyyy to much stuff. So naturally, locals hate them. A popular slogan, "Bennies Go Home," is plastered around towns on stickers and signs. I mean, yeah, they can be annoying, but they also bring a lot of business to these shore towns. This is going to be huge this year, with all the recovery from Sandy. Businesses need this rise in customers to get back on their feet.

So while you go to the beach and see some of those outrageous groups with tents and blenders, don't get too angry. They're helping us!!

(ps--but if you do go to the beach, and aren't from around that area, don't be an benny. Leave the blender at home!)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Single Stories and First Chapters


It sucks.

After the Single Story Ted Talk, along with the freshman picnic, I opened my eyes to judgement. We all criticize it, yet we all still do it. At the picnic, there were some..interesting kids, namelty one who vrought a book, or a few who didn't interact. I caught myself writing them up as weird, antisocial--but I stopped. 

How am I to know what they're like?
What do I know about them?


I know nothing.

So who am I to decide who they are? Who am I to define them as people? It sure isn't my place to do so!

While it may have not given me the best impression, it was a single story from them. It was only the surface of who they are, who they will be. It's nothing! So I decided to save my judgement for next year, when I get to know them. And then, it won't be judgement-- it will be getting to know them, and learning about them, finding out who they really are. And even then, I won't know it all. 

This brings me to the rant of this post. I have reached the point where I just don't care about how others judge me. But does that mean it's okay? Not at all. So maybe I am spazzy, loud, outgoing. I'm crazy, imaginative, VERY loud. But that's my one story. The more you see of it is just more of that same story. It's not until you find out the rest of my stories can you judge me for who I how could I possibly judge you for who you seem to be?

That's right. I can't.

So take this all into account the next time you judge someone you really don't know. Because you never know what's behind that first chapter in their book. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Some Philosophical Jabber and Stuff

As you may have noticed in my other posts, I am a thinker.Although my thoughts don't always (or ever) make sense, I still ponder. One of the major ones is existence. every great thinker has at some point questioned it. Just think! All the Enlightenment philosophes, all the religious minds, even the scientists. Even one noted military leader, Simon Bolivar, had a famous (last) quote about the meaning of life, and what it is we are meant to do.

"How will I ever escape this labyrinth?"

Haunting, I know.

So, when we were told to do a found poem, one of the first things that came to mind was to find what someone else has said about this deeply philosophical matter and twist it into my own work. I eventually found a book review for a book about the beginning of life, and the incredible way we exist. So naturally, I used it. Check out the original article at the bottom. I actually found it very interesting, and would consider the book if I ever stumble upon it!

Now, brace yourselves for some meaningful* blabber:

There could have been nothing.
But perplexed human beings, marvel at existence
Haunted by the specter of non-being.
Why is there something rather than nothing?
The Question of Being, a radiant obstacle in the universe
Coming from nothing, maybe there’s more
Why be astonished by existence at all?
what about nothingness?
The ancients started with matter,
not the void, the antimatter.
But perhaps nothingness is stranger than being.
There could have been nothing.

*meaningful, meaning these are technically other people's worlds, so they have to make SOME sense, unlike f I wrote them, which would make the whole thing as dark and murky as the swirling abyss of emptiness in my mind's logic department.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Reflection of Sorts

I know this is cutting it close, but this is my very last post participating in the Slice of Life contest thingamajig.  It's been a good run! I actually liked this assignment, even if some of my classmates may have complained or procrastinated. I thought I might treat anyone who bothers reading this to a little list on what I liked:

  • the fact that I could literally write anything. You read my rants, conspiracy theories, poems, and blatant blabbering.
  • That people are kind of forced to pay attention to your opinions and ideas. Usually you can just tune them out, but this blog shoves them in your face and won't go away any time soon!
  • That people had opinions about my opinions. It was awesome to see people post about what I had to say, whether it was my friends, my classmates, teachers, or people I don't know....which brings me to...
  • That I was able to reach so may people. With 450+ views, among them 15 from Russia and 13 from Germany (also from many other places), I really got my insane blathering across the globe. It's funny to imagine someone as insignificant as a freshman at some tiny school can make such a seemingly large contribution to the world....even if it made everyone who read it a little dumber...
So yeah, I did like this blog. And I'm definitely going to keep writing here, just maybe not as often. As promised, I will post some old writing, and I have linked in my profile to my page ion a mass writing website. Maybe you want to check it out. 

I hope you all enjoyed my little slice of life, and had all your questions unanswered!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Why Time is a Lie?!

So I was watching one of my favorite TV shows, Touch. It's really hard to explain what it's about, but it's generally this kid who can see numbers and patterns in the universe, and his dad who is helping him to fix the wrongs he sees. Oh yeah, and the kid doesn't talk. There is so much more going on in the show, but it's impossible to explain it while sounding sane. So I'll just leave it at that...

Anyway, the show always starts off with a bit of a philosophical monologue by the kid. This is the only time we ever hear him talk, and it's always really deep and is somehow entwined into the episode. This week, the show opened with a piece about time. And I was fascinated.

Time....just a concept.
Something invented by the human mind to keep track of events.
Something we keep up for ourselves, but is no way related to the universe.

It is entirely fake.

My mind was blown by this. I mean, something so vital as time is FAKE? Blasphemous!! But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense...

Memories are just "past events" that we perceive as already occurred...but what if they are still happening?


And whenever you think back to them, you are visiting that point in"time" and reliving the experience as it occurs?

I may be making no sense, but to me, his concept is insanely true. Einstein stands behind this, along with many other famous and influential physicists. Just a quick Google search will show you this!

So maybe ponder a bit about time yourself...

Do you believe in it?

Thursday, March 28, 2013


 When break comes around, everyone's like 


And then you're on break. And if you stayed home this break like I did, you come to realize how dreadfully boring it can be.

Like staring at a wall for a good half hour boring.

No? Just me again? Well, anyway, break is a great time to relax. But I'm someone who likes to constantly be moving, doing something! So halfway through break EVERY TIME...i get dreadfully bored.

I even...
resort to doing...


I know, THE HORROR!!! But in these desperate measures, I'm left with no choice. So until my insanely small and sort of boring (in the winter) town builds some insanely FUN arcade or cool place, or until my friends get back from vacation, or until I can drive places that are significantly less boring, I'm stuck here.

Ya know.

Being bored.