Sunday, March 17, 2013

Writing & Weird Inspirations

Sometimes inspiration comes in weird ways.

For me, I can get inspiration from my dreams. Literally. Like last night, I had this weirdly vivid dream about something called the "Superial Gardens." (I guess my subconscious couldn't decide between Superior and Imperial...) It was a prison, build "floating" over this insane landscape. It's really hard to describe, which is exactly why it inspired me.

I love to write. In sixth grade, I had an amazing teacher who pushed me to read and write more than I ever had before, and it really showed in my work. In seventh and eighth grades, I had a different teacher, and she inspired me in another way. She introduced me to all these different writers, and gave me so much freedom in my writing that I came up with the craziest ideas that somehow worked. Up until this past year, I had been pretty serious about my writing. I had submitted several pieces into contests for publication, and am on a writing website that still helps me get feedback and opportunities to submit my work. But since school started again, I have been writing less and less.

Until now.

Have you ever seen/read.heard something that just made you want to be able to do the same thing, like So badly  Like hear a song, and wish you could sing/play that instrument/write that? Well, that's kinda what happened. It was a bit of a "Eureka!" moment.

If I go through and write a somewhat legit story about this weird dream, then maybe I'll share it here. But for now, look around you and maybe find some of your own inspirations.

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